Def Poetry


August 7th, 2005

obsession with possession
possessed by media influence
catalogued in catalogs
filled with desires that conspire
to insprire my impulses

reality…an overexagerated farce
suspended from belief
i see clearly now in nothing
what once compelled amazement
now leaves sighs of disapointment

is all that was once great
a mirage that i create?
images in my head
stood tall in grandeur
now in my eyes
stand small before me

an artist is what i want
a challenge to my mind
my weakness lies in lust
i’m tempted by my eyes

a creator of art
appreciation of complexities
beyond what most people
attempt to see

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Perfection [Perfect]

July 8th, 2005

Here, I wait in silence
No falling star can change my mind
Discovering my stubborn choices
(Cause me) to pass them off one at a time

The race we’re in to find a mate
(It’s) your better half, so don’t be late
As uncomplete you so now stand
A broken piece? Sure don’t feel like it

Pace yourself, don’t compromise
Perfection comes to those who try
Giving up gives you second best
But leaves you longing like the rest

I search for her, both near and far
But she hides herself to no avail
I know she’s out there, waiting to find me
Don’t give in, there’s lots of time to connect

And if I never find what I’m looking for
At least I can say, I never settled into a lie


July 8th, 2005

It comes once a year
A time of joy
To count your blessings
And live one more

Faster now than ever before
Meaning fades to a number
Not old or young, but in between
No storied milestones yet to achieve

Just counting off the years gone by
Rememberance of times you’ve had
Twenty-three plus fifty more
Or maybe more with a bit of luck

How life does change and take its form
Daily tasks grow more and more


July 25th, 2005

Death lingers amongst us all
From babies who know no mother
To children who lose grandfathers

And what is life but a beginning to an end?
Should we grieve for the time we may not have?
Or relish in what precious moments we do have?

To live fully is all that can be asked
Never knowing what tragedy may strike next
Taking its toll on the many emotions we express

We all know death
Our understanding makes us strong
But that same knowledge beckons weakness in fear

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Poetry & Songs

Staging an Exit

Date Unknown 2004-2005

Eyes open upon a blank slate
The Stage clears as the actors take their place
All around you, the crowd gathers in to watch them perform
The lights go on, but no music plays, no words [thoughts] conveyed

Through the darkness I can feel it too
Time has come to leave the stage

You’ve got a hold on me
My weakness comes to bring ecstasy in pain

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