Fast Food Feeds – My Blog About Fast Food

I’ve been threatening to launch a blog about fast food for some time now – well over the weekend I finally got around to getting the domain and setting it up. The first two posts are now up for Fast Food Feeds:

If you like fast food, or know someone who does, please share the link with them and follow my twitter feed – @FastFoodFeeds

Relaunch Of The Blog And A New Site:

I’d like to welcome you to the relaunched What’s Going On, my personal blog.  I’ve decided to move it off and instead use WordPress to host it on my own site.  The reason for this is because WordPress gives me more control over the look, feel, and content of the site.  It is also a great way to customize the site without having to do much work.  I’ve decided to launch a personal website as well – located at

This is where I’ll be hosting my blog, creative writing, and game development projects.  I plan on updating my other site (Dynamic Sandbox) to be a hub for all of my projects, but for now each individual site is the best place to get the most up to date information about that project.  Speaking of projects, here is the latest list of my personal projects:

Hopefully the next post will be somewhat more interesting than me blabbing on about all my personal stuff.  I look the make the blog a place where I discuss a wide variety of interesting topics.  My goal is to post at least once a week and more frequently when I have something to talk about.  Okay…that’s it for now.  Time for sleep.


Well, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge into formal public blogging. I’ve had a blog for the last year, but it has always been private and using my own webspace. I guess I decided to start here in an effort to actually have an impact. I love music, sports, technology, world news, and all of life. Hopefully this will be a good forum to reach out