New A Rising Force Music Added To SoundCloud And Band Website

Over the last week I’ve been adding new music to the SoundCloud page for A Rising Force – my band. I’ve also started updating the album section for Make Music – which will be coming out later this year…I promise. So far, there are pages for 9 of the 13 tracks on the album, with the rest coming later this week. I also plan on doing a post on the A Rising Force website once all the pages have launched.

SoundCloud has also been a great way to connect with new fans for the band. As of today, there are 69 followers for the A Rising Force account and it has only been up for a couple months. I waited way too long to start posting my music online – the earlier you can get your music up to start getting feedback and connecting with fans, the better. Once all the audio content has been posted, I’ll finish editing the video track reviews and post them to the band website.

Relaunch Of The Blog And A New Site:

I’d like to welcome you to the relaunched What’s Going On, my personal blog.  I’ve decided to move it off and instead use WordPress to host it on my own site.  The reason for this is because WordPress gives me more control over the look, feel, and content of the site.  It is also a great way to customize the site without having to do much work.  I’ve decided to launch a personal website as well – located at

This is where I’ll be hosting my blog, creative writing, and game development projects.  I plan on updating my other site (Dynamic Sandbox) to be a hub for all of my projects, but for now each individual site is the best place to get the most up to date information about that project.  Speaking of projects, here is the latest list of my personal projects:

Hopefully the next post will be somewhat more interesting than me blabbing on about all my personal stuff.  I look the make the blog a place where I discuss a wide variety of interesting topics.  My goal is to post at least once a week and more frequently when I have something to talk about.  Okay…that’s it for now.  Time for sleep.

All systems go

I finally got my computer back up and running. That means more music production (I’ve also kicked my buddy who I’m collaborating with on a hip-hop project in the ass to start finishing his lyrics). I can’t wait to get back going. I was in the process of finalizing the demos and getting recordings laid down. I’ll post more stuff as it progresses and make updates to

It’s been a while

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote here. I’ve updated my site with the beginnings of what it will become. I need to add a lot more functionality in the way of feedback. I’ve decided to release all of the music/lyrics/songs/recordings I’ve done up to this point and continue to release tracks while I finalize my album release.

Only, One

It never will come,
It never will come,
But still you stand here waiting,

It never will come,
It never will come,
But still you stand here,

It’s not forgotten,
Not forgotten,

To be a man,
To be a man,
To be a man,
And never fall down,

It’s not forgotten,
Not forgotten,

Forever would have come so soon,
I never would have run from you,
Sisyphus, you’ll learn a thing or two,
What you can and cannot do,

Patient ’til the end of time,
Waiting at the end of time,
Forever could have come so soon,
I never would have run from you,

Only, one


As I post this, I’ve just finished recording the demo for ‘only, one’ which is my new (old) track. I wrote it last november, but just rediscovered it earlier this week. It definitely has a spot on the album. I also put down a demo for ‘mission accomplished’ that I need to sync up with a drum track. There are only a few more tracks that I’ve written, but haven’t demoed. I need to get better demos of them up. Here are the partial lyrics for ‘mission accomplished':

from far away, we saw them standing with their hands held in the sky,
you never know just how you’ll go, until you end up where die,

the mark of faith, he claims to hold, our righteous path, god’s on our side,
we kill to win, to cleanse their sins, with blood red hands, we sacrifice,

we’re going down this road, our paths been sold, we’ve got no choice, our fate is tied,
indoctrinated by the greed, hellbent to succeed,
executive faith, manifests hate,

go away, just go away,
i said go away, just go away