As I post this, I’ve just finished recording the demo for ‘only, one’ which is my new (old) track. I wrote it last november, but just rediscovered it earlier this week. It definitely has a spot on the album. I also put down a demo for ‘mission accomplished’ that I need to sync up with a drum track. There are only a few more tracks that I’ve written, but haven’t demoed. I need to get better demos of them up. Here are the partial lyrics for ‘mission accomplished':

from far away, we saw them standing with their hands held in the sky,
you never know just how you’ll go, until you end up where die,

the mark of faith, he claims to hold, our righteous path, god’s on our side,
we kill to win, to cleanse their sins, with blood red hands, we sacrifice,

we’re going down this road, our paths been sold, we’ve got no choice, our fate is tied,
indoctrinated by the greed, hellbent to succeed,
executive faith, manifests hate,

go away, just go away,
i said go away, just go away


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